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Sell your website with Midascode Ltd

WANTED – Neglected and Forgotten Websites and Blogs Worldwide Whether Making A Profit Or Not

MidasCode Ltd purchase fully operational, profitable websites making at least £600 / $1000 pm. If you have one, please get in touch. We buy both for ourselves and for clients who use us to purchase domains and websites on their behalf.

Does your website have a lot of potential?
Is it ripe for a new owner to start promoting it and generating revenue?
Are you unable to commit the time involved?
Do you lack the skills or the IT knowledge to take it to the next level?
Have your circumstances changed, are you unable to complete development of your business?
Do you need someone to put some money into the site to get it to its full potential?
Is there another business taking up your time?

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Selling a business is a once in a lifetime affair for many business owners and you can't afford to get it wrong. There are two options - selling the business yourself or using the assistance of a business broker.

If you're looking to conduct the sale yourself, and don't have previous experience with the sale process, you would benefit from visiting UK Business Brokers and signing up for their newsletter. If you're considering using the assistance of a business broker, be aware that it's a market where you need to tread very carefully. Business brokers' fees and charges are not the only areas of potential danger.

If you are looking to sell an online business, there are various locations where the business can be listed for sale if it's a business that is not currently making a profit. If it's an online business that's making a six figure sum, you'd sell it just like you'd sell an offline business, via consulting with an accountant, a lawyer and a business broker. For any other online business, please use the contact details on this page to get in touch.

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